Consultant - Strategist - Designer

Meet Chava.



Chava is a dedicated activist, strategist, designer, educator, and hopeless idealist. She has worked in the nonprofit field for a decade wearing many hats, including marketing and communications, programming, operations, and development. Previous roles include Director of Operations and Director of Development and Communications. With over ten years of experience in digital design, as well as marketing and communications, Chava is a one-stop-shop for your marketing needs. Dedicated to using storytelling and design to bring brands to life, Chava uses multiple channels to reach each client’s target audience. Her areas of specialty are Jewish and environmental causes, but she is excited to help make an impact for any worthy cause. Chava currently lives in Denver, CO, but has also lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and Jerusalem, Israel.


Chava Tzemach is an ideal professional to strengthen your non-profit. She brings a strong balance of pragmatism and passion, organization and inspiration.  Whether you need help laying out a roadmap for growth, or support in specific efforts to raise funds or communicate to supporters, Chava will help you do it well.  I only hesitate to share her praise, because it might mean that there will be less of her time for my own organization!


 - Joshua Eliovson       

   CEO/Founder InReach




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